Perkongsian Pengalaman Sukarelawan I-MedikCare di Misi Bantuan I-MedikCare di Bumi Syria

Alhamdulillah still had my arabic somewhere there despite not using it for 12 years already. Maybe because i just love yakking, thus forcing myself to bring back those long term memories stored way at the back of my head.

Met so many kids in the campsite. This is in Rahamat Camp. It has been there for 3 years already, all internally displaced people. Alhamdulillah many of them are actively working, whatever odd jobs they could find. The initial tent were subsequently changed into brick settlements, which they built themselves. They will buy bricks and cement and start building better houses with the money they get from day to day jobs.

All the kids were warm, welcoming and happy. They were excited to take photos with all of us. They really reminded me of the Egyptians kids i met during the good old days I was there.

“What’s your name?”



“How old are you?”


“So what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A mujahideen, and protect my country!” Jumuah said without hesitation.

SubhanaAllah, bless the mother who took care and brought up the child, bless the society in which good things happen even in such difficult situation.

They all go to a nearby school. And in the evening they will go the musolla to study al-Quran. All of them would brag about how many juz they memorised. Some 1, some 2, some even 3 & 4 juz. They are such brilliant people. War really took a toll on them. But they showed the world how they managed to steer through.

Another girl, Heba, was a quick and sharp one. Although I was struggling with my arabic to get words across, somehow she managed to understand and started to translate what I meant to her friends. And she got it right.

Before we part, as I was going to another camp, i told all of them that God-Willing We will meet each other again in the future.. and she asked me whether I am coming agak to distribute food next year. I told her maybe not next year.. maybe later, very much later, when I become a Professor in a university and you come to my university to learn medicine, maybe then we’ll see each other again, InsyaAllah..

I left them with a huge gleam of hope. I am pretty sure Allah has amazing plans for them despite the hardship they are going through. I was given 2 stalks of purple flowers which looked and smelled like lavender only smaller.

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